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Mighty Blast Drain Sticks 12pk

Mighty Blast Drain Sticks 12pk

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Introducing Mighty Blast Drain Sticks, the perfect solution to maintaining clean and odour-free drains in your kitchen or bathroom! Our packs of twelve Drain Sticks are designed with convenience and safety in mind, delivering powerful protection against germs and odours. Each stick lasts for up to one month, lasting through years of use without relying on harsh chemicals or plumbing fixes that interrupt your busy schedule. 

For best results, simply drop one stick into each plug hole every month for reliable protection against germs. The active ingredients contained within each drain stick target organic material found deep in pipes where odours start, effectively eliminating troublesome odours from the source. Not only does this help keep your kitchen and bathrooms smelling clean, it also provides peace of mind knowing that you're helping to reduce the spread of harmful germs as well. 

Say goodbye to nasty uninvited smells and opt for Mighty Blast Drain Sticks today - a simple yet effective solution that offers long-lasting germ and odour protection while eliminating the need for expensive plumbing solutions.

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