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Lenor Exotic Bloom Fabric Conditioner 30 Washes

Lenor Exotic Bloom Fabric Conditioner 30 Washes

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Fresh sheets for up to a whole week* with Lenor Exotic Bloom Fabric Conditioner. Love life and get away from the city, get to the serene country side, flowers and fruit-trees, escape in nature! Imagine the perfect Yorkshire meadows, with multicoloured flowers, all in harmony! Lose yourself in a field of flowers, feel the refreshing nature and just breathe: inhale the dewy flower scents and celebrate each day as a new beginning. Immerse yourself in something bright and youthful where blushes of peach blossom contrast with the floral brushstrokes of bewitching Rose de mai and Freesia. Musk and vanilla in the background create a smooth canvas. It fills the air with a contagious love of life. *Noticeable Lenor Freshness for up to 1 week.

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